Best Small Business Credit Card Processing Rates

We provide some of the best small business credit card processing rates in the United States and excellent customer service. Not only do we pride ourselves on the personal service we give our merchants, but we also go that extra mile to understand their business and their specific needs. Not all businesses are the same and not all restaurants are the same. That is why we take the time to understand your business and its operations, regardless of how small or whether you have been in operation 20 years or are just starting out.

When talking with small business owners about credit card processing we take the time to understand their business and are not interested in just quoting a rate without understanding their business and its operations. Once we understand the type, size and current set up of their processing systems, whether it is a simple terminal or several POS stations, we can then discuss rates. We also like to know if they do online sales or take telephone orders that would require them to key in the credit card numbers and security code. This information about your business is what allows us to offer some of the best small business credit card processing rates to our clients.

Examining your most recent statement also allows us the opportunity to be able to explain how you are currently being priced and what we can likely save you each month in processing costs. We have talked with many merchants that did not even know how to read their statement because their agent did not explain it to them. If that sounds familiar, you are not alone.  We have spoken with many bookkeepers, accountants and even CFO’s that have appreciated the light we shed on how to properly look at their monthly processing statement to understand how they were being priced.  

Joseph B. LaRocco advises businesses not only on how to significantly reduce their credit card processing fees and expenses, but on other electronic payment solutions as well. These include a comparison of point of sale (POS) systems, payroll services, QuickBooks™ integration, financing options and even cost effective social media marketing.

There are various types of organizations that make up the electronic payment transaction industry. MasterCard and Visa, which are bank card associations, are the most significant organizations in this industry in terms of number of cards issued and the number of banks issuing its cards. 

When it comes to pricing and terms, large merchant processing companies may not always be as competitive as LaRocca Integrated Solutions, Inc.  Relying on their company brand and size, they may only offer you one plan including a full three-year contract and a monthly equipment rental fee.  This “lock-up” even carries an early termination fee of $500 or more. As a small business owner is it in your best interest to pay more and be locked into a long-term contract?

Also, many large merchant processing firms employ numerous sales agents within call center operations.  Keep in mind that a lack of experience and personal expertise when advising a new business may result in higher rates to the business entrepreneur . . . the one who can afford it least.

If your business currently does not offer credit card purchases, please consider that most businesses accepting credit cards realize increased gross sales. This increase is largely due to the fact that their customers are no longer limited to the amount of cash held in their wallets.  Also, announcing that your business is “now accepting credit cards” is another great way to promote new business.  Looking for the best small business credit card processing rates, call us for a free quote, as well as other helpful information on growing your business.

To summarize, not all merchant processors are created equal and large merchant processors are not always better. Bigger processing companies and even banks will not necessarily go out of their way to offer the best small business credit card processing rates.  We have saved small business merchants significant amounts in their monthly processing costs when they thought their bank was giving them the best deal.

Please give me the opportunity to provide you with a free, personalized merchant processing rate quote.  We are sure you will be happy with our professional staff, years of experience, and proven track record of loyal customers. Restaurants and other businesses have benefited from the knowledge and tips we have shared with them on how to effectively use simple social media tools to promote and increase their business. We don’t just try to give you the best small business credit card processing rates, but go out of our way to help promote your business.

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