Restaurant Websites

Not only do we build great, low cost restaurant websites, but we are also a full-service provider. We provide Website design, marketing, social media posting, online ordering, credit card processing and POS system consulting. Optional social media posting also available for $100 per month. *** Ask about our convenience fee program that can reduce your credit card processing costs to zero.

Restaurant Websites for Less

Some restaurants simply use a Facebook listing because they have been quoted fees of $1,000 to $3,000 for their small restaurant. Restaurant websites don't have to be complicated. We provide a clean website, marketing, SEO and links to your Facebook and Instagram pages.  If you want additional services like social media posting to increase your business or advice on how we can save you money on your credit card processing, give us a call. We offer a bundled service approach to INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS and REDUCE YOUR COSTS, so its a WIN/WIN for your business. Here is an example of a website we built for one of our satisfied customers. 

We Keep it Simple

Are you confused by all the talk about social media, SEO, backlinks, directory listings and online ordering? Well we help restaurants by taking the mystery out of internet marketing. We have a simple business model and simple, low cost pricing. Just $500 or $750 for a clean easy to read website to promote your restaurant and attract more customers. We charge by the month for our services and as you can see above, our two low cost website programs are perfect for small restaurants.  

Merchant Services

We have years of experience in the credit card processing business, also know as merchant services. We offer very competitive pricing and even zero cost processing or surcharging program. This program allows the merchant to pass the processing cost onto the customer. There are differences between a zero cost processing program and a cash discount program which you should be familiar with. Choosing the right program can save your business thousands of dollars each year in processing costs. Contact us for more information.

Online Ordering for Less

If you have been turned off by the high fees charged by some of the online ordering companies such as GrubHub, Seamless and UberEats, we offer a great alternative to Connecticut restaurants. We charge restaurants just 4% of the orders that come though our system and can provide online ordering direct from your website or Facebook page. We focus on building up your restaurant's brand name, not ours. For more information you can visit our other company at Online Ordering for Restaurants.