Merchant Processing Solutions for Restaurants

Merchant processing solutions for restaurants is no longer a simple matter. These days there are numerous POS systems and even pay at the table solutions that restaurant owners and managers need to be familiar with, and unfortunately, the landscape is still changing.  More and more solutions are being offered today than ever before. Thanks to technology and PCI compliance requirements new players have entered the field of electronic payments to offer what they claim to be the latest and greatest new gadget.

POS Systems - Merchant Processing Solutions for Restaurants

We have advised numerous owners and managers on merchant processing solutions for restaurants to help them wade through the enormous amount of information and mis-information that comes at them every month. They are besieged with POS and merchant processing salesmen, cold calling sales agents, email blasts and marketing materials sent via regular mail. We even advise them on the latest EMV pay at the table solutions for restaurants to help them reduce credit card fraud risks and save money.

In most cases we can provide your business with a free credit card terminal and very competitive rates on POS systems like talech. We can also provide our expertise and advise you on current PCI compliance requirements and EMV guidelines before you decide on which POS system to choose. For instance, not all POS systems are integrated to accept chip cards, which means you could get hit with chargebacks from fraudulent card transactions. Other POS systems tie you down to just their processor, so while you may get a ow introductory rate, they raise rates a few months later knowing that you are not going to switch POS systems which would cost you a few thousand dollars.

As part of our program providing merchant processing for restaurants we also advise them on the new changes taking place that may affect their business, online ordering solutions and marketing tips to help them increase their sales. For instance, while companies like GrubHub, Seamless and Eat24 charge a percentage of each order right off the top, there are other solutions that charge a flat monthly rate.

PCI Compliance; Take it Seriously

In just the past few years credit card fraud has been responsible for causing huge losses in the US amounting to billions of dollars. While most of Europe is already on board and has implemented the new technology to process chip cards and tools to reduce fraud, merchants in the United States are lagging behind their European neighbors. Some of this failure to meet the deadline was caused by POS companies not upgrading their systems and leaving restaurants in the lurches to fend for themselves. Other failures were caused by restaurants not wanting to pay to upgrade.

Our team is committed to helping all businesses, not just restaurants, grow and reduce their credit card processing costs. We advise them on simple solutions to maximize their business. Since we are not tied to one processor or one POS system company we can offer solutions that better fit a restaurant’s needs, rather them forcing them into a decision on only one product. 

Simple Merchant Processing Solutions for Restaurants

We provide a free analysis of our merchant processing solutions for restaurants, no matter where they are located, even new businesses with no track record, and unlike most of our competitors we have,

  • No application fees;
  • No multi-year lock-ups;
  • No early termination fees; and
  • No monthly minimums.

In addition to the numerous restaurant clients we have, we also have clients in other businesses clients in the auto service, auto body, technology, law offices, medical offices, dry cleaning stores, healthcare, pet care, clothing, entertainment, retail and non-profit and educational sectors. Most of our clients have been with us many years and we maintain a close relationship with them.

Since we have a special interest in technology and are a part owner in a social media software company, we have a clear understanding of what technology companies go through from start-up phase to going public. Feel free to contact us with any help you need promoting your restaurant or other business on Twitter, Instagram and Tumbler.

Price Comparison - Merchant Processing Solutions for Restaurants

While some online ratings like those from Business News Daily claim some of the best rates for credit card processing, don’t believe everything quoted on the internet without actually comparing prices; example they recommend a processor that charges rates of 0.2-0.5%, plus $0.15/transaction, which anyone in the food and beverage or hospitality industries knows is a high rate for restaurants.

Please give us a call if you need help with merchant processing solutions for restaurants or any time you have a question. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free analysis and quote to reduce your monthly costs.

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