Small Business Credit Card Processing

Our main focus is on small business credit card processing and providing the best pricing and service possible to our merchant clients. Most small business owners have seen their fair share of ups and downs, and by providing them options and solutions, it makes their work day a bit easier. We take the mystery out of the whole process and keep it simple.

We Offer Superior Service to All Our Small Business Clients, No Matter How Small

Small business owners are the bread and butter of our economy. They are the ones working hard, sometimes seven days a week. The last thing they need is a credit card sales agent who doesn’t properly price them, they ending up paying more than they should, and even get locked into a three year contract with $500 early termination fee.                          REALLY ! ! ! NOT ON OUR WATCH. WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON THE FOLLOWING:

·         No application fees;

·         No multi-year lock-ups;

·         No early termination fees;

·         No monthly minimums; and

·         Free use of a Verifone vx520 credit card terminal.

We have advised many small business owners on avoiding lockup agreements and early termination fees, even those that were not our clients. If you are currently locked into an agreement and need some free advice, feel free to contact me and I would be glad to advise you on your options and a possible out that you may not have considered which could allow you to avoid an early termination fee.

Being Prepared for the Curve in the Road

When the industry started moving to chip card readers and either leasing or selling terminals at exorbitant prices, we were one of the first to offer our clients free terminals together with some of the best small business credit card processing rates for their business. We also warned merchants about data breaches that could occur in many of the POS systems that were storing credit card data, and offered them a simple solution when their POS system reseller couldn’t. There are now several possible EMV solutions we advise small business merchants about depending on what type of POS system they have, What type of POS system they are thinking of switching to, whether or not they want a fully integrated solution and whether or not they want a pay at the table solution. 

POS Systems for Small Business Credit Card Processing

Depending on whether you are a retail or restaurant establishment, we can advise you on some of the best solutions on the market today.  Unfortunately, there are probably way too many POS solutions on the market today, so merchants have to be careful not to choose one that lacks the proper backing and which may only be supported by one credit card processor.

Talech is one of the better POS systems available for small businesses, restaurant and retail. Talech is fully supported by Elavon, which is one of the largest processors in the US and is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Bank. This iPad based POS system which has many features such bill splitting, gift or loyalty cards, automatic discounts for specials you may run, printed receipts or signing on the screen, EMV for chip cards, and an integrated online ordering feature for your customers to order takeout. Elavon, with its Talech POS system and other merchant solutions, is a leader in the field when it comses to small business credit card processing. Elavon services over 1,000,000 business worldwide.

Another option that is getting quite a bit of attention from small business owners is Poynt, also offered through a partnership with Elavon. It has a sleek design and can be used by the wait staff to take orders at the table. Poynt is a tablet that is a fully integrated EMV pay at the table solution that allows customers to review the entire bill, add a tip on the touch screen, sign the screen with their finger at the table and get their receipt emailed to them. No more manual tip adjust at the end of the night, it is done automatically. Think of it as a credit card terminal on steroids.

Verifone, which has the largest market share of the credit card terminal market, is also in the POS system market, but has hardly been able to make a dent in that market compared to some of the larger players like Oracle (formerly Micros), Aloha, NCR Silver, POSitouch, Aldello and Talech.   They may be coming out with a pay at the table solution for restaurants to expand their market reach.

Is Pay at the Table Something Restaurants Should Worry About?

In most parts of Europe it is rare that the credit card even leaves the customers hand. Europe and other parts of the world are actually years ahead of the United States with payment technology and the use of “chip” cards. What most Americans and small business owners here don’t realize is that in Europe, the credit cards are “chip and PIN”.  So not only do the debit cards have PINs, but the credit cards do also. This will be a big change for restaurants and cafes and will have a major effect on the way small business credit card processing is transacted.

I know what you are thinking, “Great, now I have to memorize another PIN for each of my credit cards.” Unfortunately, it is just a matter of time before the banks and credit card brands (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express) decide to start issuing PINs with the credit cards. Can you imagine having to request that your customer walk over to the Aloha POS station so they can put in their credit card PIN? 

The restaurant industry is dreading this of course, but all indications are that it will gradually be implemented in the US, so this EMV solution for pay at the table solves that problem.  We are providing our restaurant clients with several options to consider and strongly urging them to start looking at the EMV integrated pay at the table solutions.

EMV Solutions for Small Business Credit Card Processing

One of our small business credit card processing solutions can be fully integrated with Oracle (Micros) POS systems and is one of the only fully integrated solutions for Oracle (Micros) POS systems that we know of today. Some restaurants just can’t bring themselves to go wireless with a pay at the table tablet. Eventually, they may have to, when credit card companies and banks start requiring PINS.  Although there are some small businesses using Micros, many of them have not paid for updates in years, so they would not be able to use this solution, and quite frankly, it would be more cost effective for them to switch to another POS system that does just as much as the old legacy Micros systems, but at half the cost.

In general, there are three types of EMV solutions for POS systems and small business credit card processing.  The simplest solution just requires a standalone terminal to print out the total amount with tax and allows for a tip to be written in by the customer. The second, is a fully integrated chip card reader that attaches to the POS system via a USB port. The third, is a fully integrated EMV solution that is pay at the table solution with a touch screen and has an automated tip function, so manual tip adjust is a thing of the past. Feel free to contact me for an EMV solution that is right for your business.

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