Zero Cost Credit Card Processing

New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California now allow zero cost credit card processing through a program we are able to provide to merchants. Businesses in over 40 states can take advantage of this program as well, so let us know if you need help to see if your state qualifies.

We are happy to announce that we are now offering businesses in New Jersey a zero cost credit card processing program that allows qualifying businesses in New Jersey to pass processing costs on to the customer. Using a verified process, merchants can now take advantage of this program which will eliminate their monthly processing costs, saving them a significant amount.

The way it works is the merchant is able to pass the processing costs on to the customer. This way each customer pays for their portion of the credit card processing costs, instead of the business owner getting hit with a big bill each month that cuts into net profits. This should enable businesses to increase their profit margins as well, since they are reducing their monthly costs.

Joseph B. LaRocco explained that, “Once a business is approved, the merchant is registered through us with the major card brands and we provide the merchant with the proper signage and disclosures for in-store and online payments. Business can accept payments via an approved credit card processing terminal, by entering them on a computer through a secure payments page or even through a smart phone, since the software and payments page are mobile friendly.”

Savings with Zero Cost Credit Card Processing

Example:  Let's say a business is doing $25,000 per month in credit card processing sales and pays an average processing rate of 2.80%. That business is paying $700 per month. This cost can now be passed on in small increments to each customer through an approved program saving the business $700 per month; $8,400 annually.

Under this program, the business pays a fixed monthly fee of under $100 for things like PCI compliance, monthly statement fee, debit enablement fee, disclosure signage that must be placed in the store near the payment terminal, and the use of either approved computer software or a credit card terminal, depending on how the business accepts payments. This fee also includes software updates to make sure the business is following established guidelines and customers are getting a properly itemized receipt when they pay by credit card. 

Zero cost credit card processing savings is another way for businesses to reduce their costs without reducing the quality of their products or services. The idea of surcharging is also fair because it only affects those customers paying with a credit card.

While there are some high-risk businesses that would not be permitted into this program, it is particularly well-suited for many New Jersey businesses such as

  • auto service stations
  • auto body shops
  • tow truck operators
  • automobile sales
  • the pet care industry
  • retail shops
  • business-to-business sales
  • health care
  • law offices
  • dental practices
  • dry cleaners
  • liquor stores 
  • restaurants

Many other states allow the merchant to take advantage of this zero cost credit card processing program as well. Mr. LaRocco explained, “We have already signed businesses in California who were eager to enter this program. Next we will be promoting it in New Jersey and then the other states which now permit passing on processing costs to the customer.  In addition to California and New Jersey we are able to offer this program in all states except Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Oklahoma and Kansas.”

We are happy to answer questions and assist large as well as small merchants with zero cost credit card processing solutions in New Jersey and the 39 other states where it is permitted by state law. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

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