Talech POS System

The Talech POS system is one of the more versatile, feature rich POS systems on the market today. What makes it even better is it is reasonably priced compared to many of the other high-end point of sale systems out there today. Since it is versatile and reasonably priced, it works well in fine dining restaurants as well as quick serves, casual dining and small cafes.

Talech POS System Standard Features


Two of the more requested features restaurants like compared to some of the other systems is the ability to course orders so that kitchen staff can prepare all the appetizers first, all the salads next, then the entrees, without having to look through all the orders and pull the appetizers and salads out separately.

Table Mapping

Another included feature is the table mapping. It may seem simple, but some POS systems have numerous apps you must look for and spend time setting up, and even worse paying and extra monthly fee for, when it should have been a standard feature to begin with. Well the Talech POS system takes care of that for you since it is a standard feature.

Extra Features

Gift Cards

Although as in most cases gift cards are a premium feature, we highly recommend our restaurant clients to adopt a gift card program. It is a great marketing tool because the cards can be branded with the restaurant’s logo. Also, business like to give them out as perks to some of their employees and of course parents, relatives and friends like to give them out as gifts.

Online Ordering

In recent years online ordering and ordering takeout has seen a huge rise. Many studies show it is partly caused by the large number of Millennials, aged 18 to 34 years old, that don’t cook as much as previous generations, are hooked on technology to satisfy most of their needs and the fact that Millennials now out number all previous generations, including the Baby Boomers. There are now over 83 million millennials, making up over one quarter of the US population. Baby Boomers number about 75 million.

Talech POS System Pros

  • Reasonable priced
  • Accommodates small to large restaurants
  • Standard features most POS companies charge extra for
  • Thousands of systems in operation today
  • Cloud based system and very secure
  • Chip Card Integration already done
  • Has a wireless pay at the table solution if restaurant wants
  • Works with several processors; unlike other one-dimensional systems

Talech POS System Cons

  • It is not the cheapest system on the market; but not very expensive either.
  • The software can only run on Apple’s iOS operating system.
  • Although it works with major processors, it does no work with all of them.

Do Not Buy a System that Cannot Process Chip Cards

By accepting chip cards, you help protect your business from card present fraud liability and prepare your business for the future of payment application technology. If a POS sales agent is telling you that they are not currently processing chip cards and they should have that feature in another month, don’t believe him or her. We have heard this story all too often. Some well-established POS companies have taken over a year to integrate chip processing and some still do not accept chip cards as of October 2017. The Talech POS System has an integrated solution for processing chip cards, and even has a chip card pay at the table solution for restaurants, unlike many of the POS systems on the market today.

Data breaches have most commonly occurred on POS Systems that were still swiping the magnetic strip on the back of the credit cards. What happens is the credit card data gets stored in these old legacy POS systems and when they get breached, the hackers steal all the credit card data in the POS machine. Using chip card processing equipment is extremely important to reducing risk and is one of our five small business tips for credit card processing.

Most commercial insurance policies will not cover a loss if your restaurant is using non-PCI compliant equipment. Insurance companies, as you know, love to turn down claims. If you do suffer a breach, in almost all cases, state law requires the business to notify all parties of the breach. The business ends up having to hire a forensics expert, attorneys and IT consultants. This can easily cost a small restaurant $20,000, not to mention fins that Visa, MasterCard and American Express will hit the business with for failing to be PCI compliant.

Choose a POS System with Encryption and Tokenization

Encryption is the strongest protection for card data when it’s in transit during the processing phase of a transaction. From the moment a payment card is swiped or inserted into a terminal featuring a hardware-based, tamper resistant security module, encryption protects the card data from fraudsters as it travels across various systems and networks until it is decrypted at Elavon’s secure data center. Encryption is ideally suited for any businesses that processes card transactions in a face to face or card present environment. Elavon’s encryption solution features format-preserving encryption, which retains the original length and structure of card track data, minimizing or eliminating adverse impact to your POS systems or message formats.

 Tokenization protects card data when it’s in use and at rest. It converts or replaces cardholder data with a unique token ID to be used for subsequent transactions. This eliminates the possibility of having card data stolen because it no longer exists within your POS system environment. Tokens can be used in card not present transactions such as e-commerce or mail order/telephone order (MOTO), or in conjunction with encryption in card present environments, like a bricks and mortar store. Tokens can reside on your POS/PMS or within your e-commerce infrastructure (at rest) and can be used to make adjustments, add new charges, make reservations, perform recurring transactions, or perform other transactions (in use).

We advise our merchant clients on using Elavon’s safe-T security solution to provide layers of protection, when used in combination with EMV and PCI-DSS compliance.  We recommend this security feature whether they are using the Talech POS system or just a simple credit card terminal. This helps ensure you’re doing all you can to protect your customers’ cardholder data from increasingly complex and evolving security threats.  Additionally, an appropriately implemented encryption and tokenization solution can help reduce the complexity of complying with the PCI-DSS standards and decrease the costs of your PCI-DSS audits, freeing up resources to focus on initiatives that will drive your business forward.

Summing it up

As you can see there are great standard features when it comes to the Talech POS system. They don’t believe in nickel and diming you to death with extras. The pricing is very straight forward and it is a solid system used by thousands of businesses today. Encryption and tokenization provide a strong combination to protect cardholder data at all points in the transaction lifecycle - in use, in transit and at rest. Be sure the POS System you choose provides both by already being able to process chip cards.

Unlike some of the larger POS companies like Oracle, formerly Micros, and Aloha, the Talech POS System is ahead of the game when it comes to processing chip cards. Those larger companies have solutions that are expensive to implement. Also, if banks start requiring card holders to have a PIN with their credit cards, which is a serious concern for restaurants, the Talech point of sale system can easily handle that without lengthy delay. The restaurant just adds iPad minis and wait staff can go to the table and process the transaction there, instead of having customers get up from their tables to go over to the POS system and put in their PIN.   

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